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Adriana Lito. Ramat Gan. Israel

Certified psychodrama therapist, certified Gestalt-therapist (EAGT), certified CBT therapist, graduated from Moscow State University (Psychology). I have an additional specialization in working with clinical disorders in Gestalt-therapy, and I’m a Gestalt supervisor certified by London Gestalt Center.

The author of “Love. Relationships. Psychotherapy.”, “Psychological Family Health”, and “Child Rearing Is Not Just Control: How To Stay Your Child’s Friend”.

Key work areas: depression; anxiety disorders; grief and bereavement; existential issues: the search for the meaning of life, loneliness, difficulties in relationships with children and adolescents.


In a third of my life, I work with people and try to improve their quality of my life. All my projects, both group and individual, serve to help people find support and help in their difficulties. If you need help, I’m here to provide it.

The cost of one appointment is 6000 rubles, 320 NIS or 90 dollars


Irina Minakova. Barcelona

Key work areas: Inner critic, Goals and motivation, Psychosomatics and body image

I’m a certified EAGT Gestalt-therapist, and currently I’m studying in GATLA school

I work with strident self-criticism, relationship problems, problems in parent-child and adult-child relationships, issues of self-realization and motivations, non-traditional relationships, codependence, excess weight, femininity, and self-identification.

I help my clients to build healthy relationships with themselves and others at the same time.

I work mainly via Skype, and face-to-face in Barcelona.

The cost of one appointment is 3800 rubles or 55 euro.


Alina Gadjieva. Varna

My goal is to provide acceptance and support to my clients and facilitate their work on overcoming personal crises, dealing with any life upheavals and improving their life quality. I work with such themes as the relationship with one’s parents, relatives, friends and significant others, low-self esteem, self-acceptance, identity search, dealing with crises, finding professional identity, and so on.


Education: Moscow state university, Psychology faculty, graduated with honors, a qualified psychologist. Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy (IGISP), «Psychodrama and roleplaying» course, graduated with honors, a qualified psychodramatist. 

The cost of one appointment is 50 euro.


Anna Oleynik. Ukrain

Education: ONU im. Mechnikova, Odessa, Ukraine

I’m an accredited Gestalt therapist in VOPPGP (Ukraine)


Key work areas: relationship problems, age-related and situational crises, self-assessment


I have an analytic mindset, and I enjoy clarifying the client’s situation and offering clear and quantifiable possible options. I can withstand prolonged and strong negative emotions, and I provide my clients with the space to safely express their feelings. It’s easy to cry and talk about shameful things with me. I possess a strong sense of humor and I love using it in my work. I share my feelings, knowledge, and personal experiences when I see it could be useful for the client.


The cost of one appointment is 30 USD

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Anna Milova. St-Petersburg


PbGU, occupational retraining in “Psychological consulting” specialty, 2011

IIGT, St. Petersburg, Basic Gestalt-therapy program, 2012

Existential psychotherapy, “Unhurriedness and authenticity” 2013

SPbIG, First and second stage Gestalt-therapy programs, 2017


Key work areas: feelings of shame and guilt, self-acceptance, relationship problems, self-assuredness.


​I work with the following issues:

- Relationship problems;

- Living through strong feelings of guilt, shame, fear, aggression, helplessness;

- Loss of enjoyment of life;

- Self-acceptance;

- Inability to say “no”;

- Self-assuredness;

- Loneliness;

- Repeating life patterns;

- Finding your inner harmony;

- And many others.

I’ve been working as a therapist since 2011.

30 euros


Kos Julia. Kiev

I'm trauma therapist. I can help you with anxiety, panic attacks. My specialty is post traumatic disorders, difficult childhood, depression, difficult relationship. Together we will find a way to make your life happy.

30 euros

зизевская фото.jpg

Ekaterina Zizevskaya. Italy


I’m in the second year of Masters program of clinical psychology at Bergamo University (Italy, international program with professors from Canada, USA, United Kingdom). Bachelor’s degree in psychology at SPbGISPR (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), certified gestalt therapist(Moscow, MIGTiK, three-year program).


Key work areas: Perfectionism and self-acceptance. Traumatic experience. Personal crisis and finding your true-self. Emigration adaptation. 


I believe that personal therapy does not just help to solve one’s problems or survive crises. Therapy provides us with a lot more: it gives a person an opportunity to meet themselves, to know their true feelings and desires, and it helps a person to live their own life.

What kind of therapist am I? I am sensitive to other people, caring, and supportive. But I also love seeing the small details and analyzing them, and I base my work on the scientific approach—combining emotional and rational aspects. I have more than 270 hours of personal therapy, and it helps me to work with different issues and to understand my clients better.

I work via Skype.

The cost of one appointment is 45 euro.

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Lola Makarova. Moscow

Education: MIP - psychologist, MIGiP - certified Gestalt-therapist.


Key work areas: psychological dependencies, difficulties in expressing aggression, parent-child relationships, crises and traumas.

I believe that it’s important to support a person through the complicated periods of their lives, and that if people care for themselves, they can find enough inner resources to better their state and the quality of their lives. With time, my clients learn to live through their inner processes and be aware of them. Then they can self-support and deal with their difficulties. I work with adults suffering through depressive episodes, apathy, inner criticisms, and being unsure of themselves, and with people who are emotionally unstable, who have lived through crises and traumas, who find it hard to express their aggression, and who have difficulties within their parent-child relationships. Additionally, I specialize in therapy with children and adolescents.

I work by Skype, and in person in Moscow.

The cos of one appointment is 40 euro


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