The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment

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Margarita Deiashkina

I`m a clinical psychologist, I`m studying at the 2nd stage of gestalt therapy and going through specialization I working with a family. My approach in work is gentle and attentive, I`m ready to go into what you are concerned about carefully and softly.

Topics we can work on:
- misunderstanding of your feelings, emotions (outbursts of anger, sadness, although everything seems to be fine, etc.)
- low self-esteem (difficulty in being able to support yourself and get support from others)
- difficulties in relationships (dissatisfaction with what is happening, misunderstanding of your role, blaming the other)
- separation from an important person, inability to talk to him
- grief (loss, death of a closed one)
- acceptance of yourself and your feelings (orientation where I am now, how I am, where you can move forward).
I am ready to be with you on the path of research, what you feel, what you want, what you can do here and now.