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Adriana Lito. Ramat Gan. Israel


Certified psychodrama therapist, certified Gestalt-therapist (EAGT), graduated from Moscow State University (Psychology). I have an additional specialization in working with clinical disorders in Gestalt-therapy, and I’m a Gestalt supervisor certified by London Gestalt Center.

The author of “Love. Relationships. Psychotherapy.”, “Psychological Family Health”, and “Child Rearing Is Not Just Control: How To Stay Your Child’s Friend”.

Key work areas: depression; anxiety disorders; grief and bereavement; existential issues: the search for the meaning of life, loneliness, difficulties in relationships with children and adolescents.


In a third of my life, I work with people and try to improve their quality of my life. All my projects, both group and individual, serve to help people find support and help in their difficulties. If you need help, I’m here to provide it.

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